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Discretionary Fund Management

Understanding Discretionary Fund Management (DFM)

So what is Discretionary Fund Management?

A Discretionary Fund Manager is an investment specialist, traditionally a stock broker or wealth manager, who is employed by a client in conjunction with their Independent Financial Adviser to run the investment portfolio on a day to day basis on their behalf. They take decisions as they see fit, bringing into consideration the goals and needs of the client as established at the outset. The advantages of this include the speed and consistency whilst utilising the fund manager’s skills and expertise in the industry.

Both the client and the financial adviser are kept informed of what the Discretionary Fund Manager is doing by various ways that can include regular reports, face to face review meetings and/or access by way of an online valuation system via this website.

One of the main attractions of Discretionary Fund Management is the personal service offered and many Discretionary Fund Managers have constructed a range of portfolios which have different risk and reward profiles which means that an investment portfolio can be totally bespoke to a client.

Coupled with the more personal service and being able to choose specific preferences as to what goes into the portfolio, for example ethical funds or to exclude tobacco, really does make this tailored offering a premium investment service.

The Discretionary Fund Managers in conjunction with your Independent Financial Adviser are always taking steps to get the best returns possible for the investment and running the portfolio for the benefit of the individual client, as an on-going part of the independent financial advice service. They have access to certain funds and asset classes that are not readily available to clients via traditional investment platforms, and are normally buy and pass on institutional charging structures, which help reduce on-going charges.

Your Independent Financial Adviser will spend time with you discussing whether Discretionary Fund Management is the right solution based on your precise requirements. And as we all know; one size does not fit all – so this is the same when selecting a suitable Discretionary Fund Manager as establishing which Discretionary Fund Management company best suits depends on your investment needs and approach.

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