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Target Market Statement

Target Market – who is this service designed for?
This service is designed for UK based retail clients seeking advice via a Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd (Vision) adviser.
It is designed to provide a detailed Due Diligence process to end clients through the services of Vision IFPL Appointed Representatives.

Who is this service not designed for?
This service is only designed for clients investing in companies covered by the Castle service. It is not designed for any financial adviser other than those who are Appointed Representatives of Vision IFPL.
Any termination of relationship with Vision also terminates the Castle agreement.

What are the key elements of the service that are important for the target market?
The key elements are that detailed Due Diligence is carried out quarterly on a panel of recommended providers selected from the whole of the Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) market. The investment committee give buy/sell or hold ratings for those firms on the panel. Annually the panel take the same approach with specified other, non DFM, providers.
This due diligence takes into account the financial standing, disaster recovery plans, performance, charges and service levels among other areas.
Clients can also move their investments between the Discretionary Fund managers covered by the Castle service at zero cost which is not always the case without Castle involvement.

What are the key value elements of this service?
Castle is an investment support company which is 100% owned by Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd. It offers the following optional services:

  • Quarterly due diligence for Discretionary Investment Managers, Providers and Platforms from the Castle panel.
  • Discretionary Investment Manager portal.
  • Negotiation of discounts to the standard charges payable by Vision clients for each of the Discretionary Investment Managers, Providers and Platforms on its panel.
  • Further details of the services provided by Castle and a list of the current Discretionary Investment Managers, Providers and Platforms on Castle’s Panel is available on request and can also be found on Castle’s website:

    What client need is met by this service?
    Clients, through their Vision IFP Ltd advisers are comforted by the Due Diligence being performed and will receive early notification of any underlying issues at product providers that might impact their invested money, allowing remedial action to take place via their Vision IFP Ltd Adviser.
    The committee also monitors the control systems in place with each panel firm to ensure portfolios are managed in accordance with a client’s risk appetite and objectives.

    Can this service be purchased without a Vision adviser involved?
    No, the Castle service is unique to Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd

    How is the value of the service assessed?
    The Castle charge represents fair value for the Due Diligence work Castle undertakes and the benefits it provides. Please see Fair Value statement.